Friday, March 18, 2011

Realtime fluid dynamics for Android

Version 2.6 of Fleya was uploaded today to the Android Market.
This update comes with French, Spanish and Romanian translations (credits go to Zen for French and Spanish).

I didn't get to post anything on version 2.5 that had more changes packed into the code.
The most important changes are multitouch support, option to save images to SD and 3 new palettes.

While developing this update I was surprised to find out about the poor multitouch support of many android devices. I wrote the code to handle 20 fingers on the screen but found that my HTC Magic only reports 2 fingers. Not only that, but those touch coordinates sometimes get reported in weird locations. Apparently, the touch sensor is actually single touch and dual touch is only a hack put in for pinch zoom gestures which are the most common.

Now you can save the images you generate with Fleya to your SD card (they get saved to sdcard/Pictures/Fleya/).

Seahorse Nexus Clash of colors Clover
4 whilrpools Blood and silk Zero G separation Christmas candy
Turbulent vapor Just before hit Smile Drops of color
In eachothers' way Separate directions


Scan the QR code below with an android phone and give it a try: